Engaged Parents






At home, makes learning and health a priority by:
Reading with child (20 minutes a day)  
•  “I is for infant: Reading aloud to young children benefits brain development”
• Imagination Library 
• Great Start to Quality Lending Library 
• Saginaw County Public Libraries

Playing with child    
Child Development Institute       
•  Saginaw County Parks
  PBS Kids
•  Education.com Stories 
 Mid-Michigan Children's Museum   
Children's Zoo

Engage in frequent conversations with your child  
“The Importance of Talking to Babies”
“How to Talk to Your Baby”

Being a good role model   
The Center for Parenting Education-Being a Role Model – The Promise and the Peril
“Great Start University: Parent Education & Support”
Power of Dad  

Making community connections   
United Way of Saginaw Volunteer 
• City of Saginaw MI Neighborhood Associations    
• MOPS    
• MOPS Bethlehem Teen      
• 211 Northeast Michigan      

Taking child to well child visits  Quote "Play is the work of children" -Mr. Roger
Healthy Children Well-Child Care Visits          
CDC Vaccines and Immunizations       

Providing nutritious meals and snacks   
Help Guide to Healthy Foods for Kids       
Saginaw Food Pantries     
MSU Education Family Info   

In child’s program:
Advocate for your child and their program (speak up)   
• Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition   
Great Start to Quality 

Attends events and/or volunteers 
  Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition
United Way of Saginaw Volunteer           
•  “8 Benefits of Volunteering at Your Child’s School”    

Being aware and familiar with your child’s learning environment
(includes high quality childcare)    
• Great Start to Quality   
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Himama Child Care Apps for Superstar Centers Child Care Apps for Superstar Centers

Connect with other parents and teachers in your child’s program 
Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition        
Himama Child Care Apps for Superstar Centers Child Care Apps for Superstar Centers     




Engaged Parents